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Cat Love Letters

Cat Love Letters

From : Cat Love Letters - Collected Correspondence of Cats in Love. By Leigh W. Rutledge

The first 'love letters' of Tonya and Peach.

Miss Tonya Gabbeldoff to Mr. Peaches L. Keen:

Dear Mr Peach,

I have something ridiculous to tell you. I should have told you this evening when I saw you chasing moths across the lawn, but I held my tongue and am now foolishly writing instead. You will say to yourself, "Here is another poor cat in heat trying to throw herself at me." You will hiss in my face, you will chase me from your garden. You will say, "Here is a stupid creature, barely more than a kitten, and she is carried away by the spring weather." I am in love with you. I have been since the first day you moved into the house next door. I thought maybe we could become friends. But that special feeling in my whiskers - do tomcats get it, also? - has let me know that friendship is not enough. Now, whether lying by my kitty dish and contemplating my milk, or sitting in the window and watching butterflies, you are all I think of.

For now, I'm content to worship you from afar. Foolishly, deliriously, with both ears quivering.

Yours most sincerely,

Miss Gabbeldoff

Mr. Peaches L. Keen to Miss Tonya Gabbeldoff:

My dearest Tonya,

Do you think I hadn't noticed? You must think me a callous and worldly cat. Oh, what a sweet and ingenuous kitten you are! I may not have felt it in my whiskers (no, tom-cats are different in many ways, as I hope to teach you), but couldn't you sense my friskiness, barely contained, as I played in the front yard tonight? I saw you first among the geraniums this afternoon and thought: "Will she come over? Or will she chase bugs by herself?" Yes, yes - my tail can barely contain itself. Meet me by the birdbath at midnight.

Yours - all yours,


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