Mogology (Music for Cats & Cat Lovers)

Artist: Energy of Love

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Label: KDM
ASIN: B000E97Z9G
Catalogue Number: KDMOG7318

Moggies gives this music cd five paws out of five.


The subtle art of Mogology is the expression and existence of cats. To study this art is to observe and appreciate cats and their behaviour. This CD release 'Mogology - Music for cats & cat lovers' is a true musical celebration of cats and their living world.

Featured on the CD are ten separate tracks dedicated to cats. There is not one musical style here but a total mixture of styles ranging from 'Ambient' to 'Classical' and from 'Guitar instrumental' to 'Dance'. Each track especially created around various aspects of Mogology.

Also featured throughout the CD are full stereo supreme quality recordings of cats purring and vocally expressing. From the curious cries of cats and kittens to deep relaxing purrs. This mixed in with the music creates a total audio feast for the cat lover and cats themselves.

Although the CD itself has ten tracks, which can be accessed separately, the actual programme runs for just under 52 minutes continuously from start to finish without any pauses. In all, a true journey into the sphere of Mogology.

Track Listing:

  1. The Subtle art of Mogology (part 1).
  2. Spirit of the cat.
  3. Otto & Septi's tune.
  4. The Fall and rise of the Moon sisters.
  5. Theme from the Rose (Foxy lady).
  6. The Kittens & the pixies.
  7. The Tortoiseshell.
  8. Garden times.
  9. Purrs in heaven.
  10. The Subtle art of Mogology (part 2).

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