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23rd November 2000 Latest Sunshine Update - Finally Rescued





1st October 2000: The kittens from Sunshine's latest litter were all adopted the first week of October at PETSMART BRAINTREE. Sandy and Tootsie, and Twinkie and Tabitha, were adopted in pairs to two kind and loving families. The other kitten from Sunshine's 12th (and hopefully final) litter, Sampson, was previously adopted into another caring home. CONGRATULATIONS, KITTENS... let's just hope "Mom" has similar luck in finding someone special when she is rescued at long last - Full story.

A story about an extreme case of animal abuse that happened in an apartment complex in Weymouth, MA, USA. A story about a cat called "Sunshine."

Sunshine is a beautiful orange tabby roughly about 5 years old. In her short life, she has sustained horrific torture that would make you shudder with disgust. In her 5 years, she has given birth to 11 litters. She is an extremely good mother watching ever so intently over her young. She witnessed the brutal beating and burning of her first litter as someone beat, burnt the tails off and fatally crushed the skulls of all her newborn. Just because somebody wanted to get revenge on a woman in the complex building who was feeding Sunshine, they took their anger out on Sunshine and her family. Sunshine has endured such atrocities as having boiling water thrown down at her from a window while she was eating, burned with flames, attempted poisoning, and having a steel jaw leg hold trap set that broke the wrist and elbow of her right paw. She presently cannot put any weight on her paw and is also PREGNANT AGAIN. In spite of all this, she remains faithful to her young. It is heartbreaking to watch her stumble 100 yards, have to rest, and watch her kittens follow in succession right behind her stepping where she does.

She has had a broken leg for 2 years now and must be in tremendous agony, climbing up and down the rocky wooded area were she lives (also shared with foxes and coyotes).

Except for her leg, she is however, still physically unscarred and a beautiful animal that needs love. With her history of abuse, she is deathly afraid of any humane trap to capture her to give her the medical treatment she desperately deserves. She does get somewhat close to a select few people that show her attention, such as food and a kind, soft voice.

Our mission right now is to capture her before she has her 12th litter and get her leg tended to. When we do capture her, we will be looking for a foster home or someone who could care for her while her leg heals or has her kittens, possibly even "ADOPTING HER".

UPDATE: 17th August 2000: Sunshine has had her 12th litter of kittens. Ce-Ce & Friends volunteers are still desperately trying to capture mom and babies to get them to safety. Your support is much needed and much appreciated.

If you know of anyone who could help in our endeavor, please e-mail us or send a donation to:

Please help with a Donation

Note: Please specify that you would like your donation to go towards Sunshine's rescue and care.


Ce-Ce and Friends Humane Society
P. O. Box 690005
Quincy, MA 02269

"Sunshine could bring a lot of sunshine into someone’s life."

Thank you for taking the time to read her story.

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