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Iremarjo Bo Diddley 1995-2006

Owner - Christine

Iremarjo Bo Diddley

Iremarjo Bo Diddley (We called him Darcy or Shaun!) - 1995-2006

Our darling boy Darcy was taken away very suddenly on the 29th of October, 2006, as a result of kidney failure and a tumour. He was the friendliest boy you could ever meet! His name was Darcy but we called him Shaun after the sheep on Wallace and Gromit as he used to baa rather than meow!! We will always remember the touch of his paw and sharp little claw gently prodding us on our arm, asking to be stroked and the tooth that popped out above his lower lip giving him a soft comical look. His eyes were the palest blue and he will be missed so much... he was the son of Iremarjo Showgi and we know that father and son will now be reunited and waiting for us both to come and find them beyond the rainbow bridge.

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