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Leo, Lyta & Houdini

Clare & Andrew

Lyta & Houdini

Lyta and Houdini. Lyta (the tortoiseshell and white cat) had to be put to sleep after collapsing with thrombosis of the back legs and Houdini (the black and white cat) had to be put to sleep because of Feline HIV, his liver and kidneys were failing. Both were rescue cats and gave a lot of love to myself, my fiancé and my mother during their 8 years on earth.


Leo (Cream Burmese) was less than a year old when a person who did not stick to the speed limit ran him over. Luckily he died straight away and did not suffer. I really miss the baby of the family.

Will look forward when we met again, Love Mummy and Daddy (Clare and Andrew).

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