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Lest we forget...


Cleo who passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on the 28th August 2001. Companion of Tony, Chris & Sue.

A Tribute To Cleo

So Long Precious

It's been a dreadful day today, even the clouds are crying.
Little Cleo we're so sad you've gone, we will miss you deeply little one.
Since you were a kitten, we've had twelve happy years,
the parting today was clouded in tears.

We have our wonderful memories of you,
the photos of you have each captured your beauty.
Just a fleeting moment in time but a treasured memory that will cause
us to smile when we look at them in the future.
But we can't look at them today or even tomorrow,

We can't bear the thought of you not being on the bed, windowsill,
table, or worktop, in the garden, or on the fence as you chatted
to the birds who dared to land in your territory.
We will miss that long meow of yours that you made just to let us know you
were ready to come in through the bedroom window last thing at night.

The loud purr you gave out when you jumped onto the bed, just to say thank you
in your own little way. The settled snow this winter will not be the same
without your gorgeous black-coated figure silhouetted against the Christmas
card scene. Those give away paw prints as you skipped lightly over the
frozen white surface.

Thank you for the unconditional love you gave to each of us.

Missing you so much it hurts.

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