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The Scoob


1989 - 2003

Owner - Jane, Paul & Eric

Scooby left us on the 6th of September 2003 to that great Cat Basket in the sky, he will live in our hearts forever.

We had just bought the Buddha in the picture with Scooby, like every other new thing bought in to the house, the Scoob just had to check him out. I am sure you know the form - trying to get into shoe boxes half his size, sharpening claws on new furniture, assisting in unwrapping presents etcetera. Scooby was 14 and a half when he died. Right up until 5 weeks ago he was a strong healthy cat. Sadly his liver failed and, despite the help of our local vet, he faded quickly.

Jane, Eric and I were all very lucky to have shared his life with him. Eric is only 8 and does not know life without our proud Scoob.

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