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Tribute To Simon

Owner - Marylyn, a.k.a. Sarah Ann Hill - Author of Ophelia's Winter.

In memory of Simon, who passed away on July 26th, 2002, after a brave battle with cancer. I first met Simon at the local shelter in September 1999. He had been left thereafter the death of his mom. Although I had two other cats, I knew Simon was special from the moment I first saw him looking sad and alone. As we know, cats choose to accept or ignore any humans they are forced to live with. I consider myself very lucky to have won his love and trust after the ordeal he'd been through. I will never forget his using my hand for a pillow, his lying on my papers and notes attempting to inspire me, his following me from room to room, talking with me, lying on my lap at the computer helping me stroke the keys with his big paw. he also slept on my tummy every night to assure my recovery from open-heart surgery last October. Simon will always be in my heart until we meet once again.


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