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The Poems Of Roy Schoenberg

"Photos by: Ellen & Padraig"

Ellen & Roy

Ellen & Roy

Roy Schoenberg (Moggies Laureate), a lover of animals and all things good, sadly passed away on the 23rd February 2010. Roy had no enemies just friends, he will be missed greatly by his wife Ellen, his family and many friends. I'm sure we will meet again in another life, looking forward to it.

Frozen Computer  Ambiguitties
When The Guests Have Gone  Good Morning To You
Kahlua Demands  Kahlua The Trickster
This House  Touching Kahlua  Tranquillity
Peach Martinis & A Bee  Explainer Wanted
Intuition From Kahlua  Dogs & Cats
Contentment  Age Comparison  Two Old Cats
Somewhere In This House  What Makes Me Tick
Known Territory  The Mystique Of Kahlua  Just An Old Cat
Lions As Pets  We've Lost So Many Wars  The Visitor
Everybody Is Sleeping  Frozen Computer  Marijuana Incident
Complications  Don't Know Much  Better Paths
Members Of The Household  Feral Jamaican Cat
Ocho Rios Fades Away  Buttered Roll  Feline Mysteries
Anonymous Black Cat Passing By  At Least  Winnie The Pooh
Didn't See Any Prairie Dogs  A Pet Put To Sleep
Ask Mandela  Not Liked By A Cat  Moods  On Being Recognized
Moving on To Old Age  Earley Friday Morning
INBOX  Less Than One Year Old
Troublesome News  Decisions
Snowstorm A-Coming  The New Yorker Cover
Kahlua Was Bored  Slithering Upstairs
Patched Skies  Squirrel At The Front Door
Slowing Cheetah's Fast Disappearance  Saying Hello
After Fathers' Day   Likeable Felines  White Whiskers
Cat Napping   Housecat Past Middle Age
Accomodation For Kahlua  Winter's Wonderlands?
Kahlua's Wintry Retreat  Sanderlings
Estrangement From A Cat  Curry For Kahlua
In Fine Fettle  Feline Olympian  Cat's Don't Make War
At The Aqua Azul Falls - Mexico  Preferences
The Third Resident - Kahlua On The Spare Room Bed

Elsyium Fields
What Does Kahlua See?
Waiting For The Computer
Snow Watching
Vitamin E Fancier
Walking Luke Before 5am
Rain Prayer
Four Mourning Doves
Oh The Crocodiles
When We Woke
Unseen Visitor
Feline Certainty
In Memory Of Abby
Mood Swings
When Lottie & Abby Arrive
Dick's Catboat
Kahlua Asleep
Window Sill Resident
Finicky Kahlua
CATS (Circa 1982)
Feline Premonitions
Kahlua At Bed's Edge
Tiger Mart
Cat's World
Bagel Eaters
Winter's Abeyance
Common Seagulls
Turtle Out To Sea
Feline Hues
How Perfect Is The Morning
Bo Bo & Little
Feral Dogs In Ocho
Ocho Rios In The Morning
    Feline Home Ownership
Preparing For Luke
Mighty Blue Heron
First, Place, Show...
Goat Head Soup
Felis Domestica Black White
Mother's Day 2003
Well Fed Cats
Where I Turn
Cat Food Spill
Kahlua Hunched
Two Feral Cats
Abby Dining
Unanswered Question
House Cat
Wake Up Call
Fool's Gold
Saturday Night Feast
Finding Her Spot
Searching For Kahlua
Insulting Kahlua
Kahlua Called
Bo Bo the Macaw
The Purr
Animal Holiday
Kahlua Wondering
Ling Ling
Spare Room Inhabitant
Little Black
The Squirrel!

Cast Iron Scotch Terrier - Door Stop
Waiting For The Sunday Gleaner

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