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Claudia and Sandy

ClaudiaIn 1981 I was fortunate enough to be able to rescue two little kittens who I named Claudia and Sandy, these two little females were about to be drowned by an individual who I can only describe as mentally unstable at the time.

I was travelling all over the place in the 80's, so my two new little bundles of fur came with me to Hounslow in London. They soon had all the usual injections and both were spayed. Claudia and Sandy had super personalities and being sisters got on well together. These two were real outdoor cats who loved getting up trees and on top of small buildings.

Next door was a very large Hotel, used by travellers passing through Heathrow Airport.

One day I could not find Claudia and Sandy, I was very distressed. Early next morning there was a knock on my front door! I thought "Who was that this early in the morning?" - it was one of the Hotel Staff who had found my two little terrors in a ground floor hotel room.

Claudia and Sandy had got through an open window and could not get back out. Frantically trying to get out, they had caused some minor damage to the room. Thankfully, the Hotel Management were very understanding and didnot ask for compensation.

SandyGetting out of the Hotel was very amusing. There was me with two little cats meowing loudly and following me down the long corridor into the Hotel Reception. Guests and staff were a little stunned to see two little cats following a purr-son right out of the front entrance! When they got home, both ate a full tin of cat-food each. This little tale got a mention in the local paper - the headline was something like "Scatty Cats Hotel Adventure!".

These two little bundles of fur were forever getting into all types of hampering, these are the two that gave me two live Moles as a gift!

After caring for Claudia and Sandy for 21 months it was time to move on. Circumstances made it impossible to take them with me as I was going abroad for a while. I managed to get them a new home that backed on to Richmond Park with a cat lover. I often think of them and sincerely hope that they are still having a wonderful life. If you happen to be that purr-son please e-mail me at Padraig - I would love to hear from you!

Padraig - 1999

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