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Non-commercial Listings (Free)

Commercial sites please click here for further details.

Get your site listed at Moggies for free! Sites can be listed in one of the following categories:

Animal Welfare
Cat Breeders
Cat Rescue and Cat Shelter
Cat Clubs
Cat Shows and Events
Purr-sonal Pages

The only requirement is that your site is cat-related or to do with Animal Welfare. The free listing will display the name of your site along with a link to your site. For Breeder sites, the country or state (USA) will also be displayed.

In exchange for this free service, please place a reciprocal link back to Moggies on your site. You can either use the banner below, right click on the banner and click the "Save Picture As" and save to your harddrive, you will need to upload the banner to your own server where your website is.

Moggies - Home of the Online Cat Guide

Code for the Moggies Banner:

<a href=""><img src="images/main.gif" width=468 height=60 alt="Moggies - Home of the Online Cat Guide" border="1"></a>

Please E-Mail details to: Padraig

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