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Cat Tree Furniture

Natural Tree Furniture Cat Tree

Cat Slab Tree

Does you cat look forlorn when he looks out the window? Does he wonder why he can't play on the trees outside? Why not bring the outdoors in with some Natural Tree Furniture. Your kitty will love the furniture and you!

CAT TREES are sturdy, high quality cat perches which are made with reclaimed timber and slab bark. Each design is individually handcrafted and can give your frisky feline a taste of nature.

The TREE parts are harvested through various sources. They may come from branches which were trimmed next to telephone wires, or from the dump site of the local tree service companies. There are acres and acres of yard waste which can be turned into beautiful objects of art.

The designers are located in Kansas, USA. All the reclaimed timber is kiln dried which is a non-toxic method of eradicating any wood boring insects.

If you would like more information on how to provide a great natural indoor environment, paw your way to their website at

Pictured above: A free roam shelter commisioned the designers to create a sun room full of TREES for over 130 felines. The final structure extended 25 feet in length and allowed the shyer population to move throughout the community. The staff and volunteers reported how the stress level was reduced with its introduction and less medication was dispensed.

Kit Cat Tree

TREES don't grow in a day; a wall slab scratcher may take a week to make. For a more complex habitat, it could take as long as three to four weeks!


A couple of views that show the workmanship involved to craft the 'portable' Kit Tree. "It's a handsome unit. Our animals have enjoyed hours & hours of contented play and it is esthetically attractive in the home." - Annie

Recycle Friendly

"Individuals can make a difference. Our steadfast commitment to conservation through recovery, recycling and reuse involves the practice of unique environmental standards and principles. Because it's not only smart to buy rediscovered forest products it also pays respect to our precious and limited natural resources. Sustainably harvested timbers, fire kiln dried, all the way through to the non toxic hand waxed finish ensures our customer's are purchasing one of the most Earth Friendly furnishings available. Shopping for a Better World - 100% Organic Materials" - Smith Industries

Changing the world - one STICK at a time.

Enhance your homes atmosphere Naturally.

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