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Library Cats Around The World


Past Library feline Libby Libra, the cat who lived in the Haysville Community Library for more than two decades.
Boston, Mass - Iron Frog Productions, an independent film and comedy production company, has put library cats on the map... literally!

The Library Cats Map is a feature of the Iron Frog Productions Web site at

What is a library cat?

It is a cat that calls a library its home. Most were homeless before being adopted by a library. Now Web-surfing cat lovers can find these felines that live in libraries by consulting the map. Visitors can click on any region of the world to view a list of the cats known to reside (or to have formerly resided) in libraries there. People can view photos of the cats, visit the cats' home pages on the Web, and even send them e-mail!

The map contains information on nearly 600 library cats around the world. There are certainly more cats in the stacks. Iron Frog Productions would like your assistance in compiling the definitive list of library cats in the world. Visit the site and check out the ones from your area. If, 'purr' chance, you know of one that was missed, you can help update the list. In this way, you will play a part in creating a resource for people who would like to stop by on their travels to visit a library cat (as well as creating a memorial to past library cats).

The Library Cats Map's data derives from Iron Frog Productions' research for the award-winning documentary film, Puss in Books: Adventures of the Library Cat. Those wishing more information about the Web site or the film can contact Iron Frog Productions at the contact deatils below.

Gary Roma
Iron Frog Productions
31 Worcester Street
MA 02118

Tel/Fax: 888-208-0331
Tel: 617-262-4428


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