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Angela Cater's Pet Portraits & Animal Art

Unique and bright cat/animal cards and prints. Plus portraits that portray your pet's personality.


Two wonderful examples of Angela's work are below:

Henry In The Clothes Basket

"Henry came to me in 1995, as his owner worked away from home very often and couldn't take care of him properly. At first, he was vicious to say the least! We slowly established a three stroke rule before he would attack us, but as the years have passed, he has become quite a lap cat. He likes to be loved - but on his terms! He is still very unpredictable. Henry considers himself to be king of the household. He enjoys watching television, especially nature and gardening programmes." - Angela

Jet & Poppies

"This is a portrait that I painted in remembrance of Jet following his death in February 1995 of both Feline Leukaemia and Feline AIDS. I obtained him from a shelter in Sheffied as soon as I left college and was able to have a cat again. He was for me the perfect cat, never any trouble, and we were totally besotted with each other. Nursing him through his long illness was mentally and physically exhausting, but in many ways, his death was easier than Morgan's as we had plenty of time to prepare for it and make his last months as special and happy as possible." - Angela

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