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My name is Richard Piccaver, and I'm a Derbyshire based artist working in acrylics and specialising in cats and wildlife combined with railways, in both comical and serious form.

Since being a small child I've had a love of Steam Railways. My second love is animals, (especially cats) and wildlife, and I have produced a range of wildlife prints, plus the 'Railway Cat' cards and prints which have been on sale at many heritage railways over the last 15 years. In all of my pictures, I aim to make the subject, whether animal or train, part of a scene, as opposed to a simple portrait. The use of acrylic paint, with its quick drying time and permanence, enables subjects to be easily imposed and blended in to a scene. The digital camera, has enabled me to accurately set a background for my paintings and then, using Photoshop, roughly proof a scene before painting commences. Sounds easy, but the finished painting often bares little resemblance to the proof when an animal is involved!

Richard & Gilbert

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