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My Last Day

November 2007



I woke up one morning in my cosy warm bed and looked out through the kitchen window; the sky looked cold and grey.

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs outside, and then slowly I climb out of my bed, with all of my legs feeling unsteady, then turn around and looked up at the closed door.

The door opened slowly and my owners face appeared, "Hello Babes," he said.

He picks me up and places me on the wooden high chair, then with some tissue paper he cleans the mucus from both my eyes, I looked up at him my eyes slightly blurred, he looked down at me and kisses me.

Then he put me down onto the floor and I slowly walk towards my food tray and lap up some cool water as my food bowl is placed down beside me.

I licked the gravy and managed to eat two pieces of chicken but couldn't manage any more than that, I had some more water, then walked away and sat down on the floor to look up at my owner.

He walks away and comes back with some of my favourite ham, the taste was so sweet but after the first piece I could only chew and enjoy the taste as the ham fell out of my mouth, I had some more but it was all I could, to just enjoy the taste.

I had some more water then walked over to my owner as he opened the back door for me, then I looked out hesitantly at the big step. I felt a warm hand around my chest as he lifted me up and gently placed me on the ground outside, and then I walked over towards the fence to lie down and rest in the fresh air.

Sometime later the backdoor opens and I get up and walk towards the step, my owner lifts me in and I stop to lap up some water, before walking into the front room and manage to climb onto the big soft chair to rest again.

Click... Click... Click...

I open my eyes to see my owner pointing something at me and I see my reflection in the small round glass, Click... Click... I close my eyes to rest and all goes quite.

I wake up later and jump down from the chair to have some more water, then I go out into the garden with my owner, he sits on a large wooden garden chair looking at me while I rest on the cool green grass.

I get up and walk over to my favourite sleeping place at the edge of the grass and flower border, but it's blocked with some wood and there's a large bucket nearby so I wander over to another sleeping place under the conifer tree as it starts to rain.

It soon stops raining and I walk over to drink water outside the back door, my owner follows me, then picks me up in his arms, hugs and kisses me on top of my head.

He takes me indoors, lowering me into the white carrier and closes the lid, as I wonder where I'll be going this time.

My owner and his lady walk out to the black car and we then have a long slow drive, when we stop we are back at the animal house again.

I sit up in my carrier looking and listening to all the noises wondering what is happening.

Someone calls out my name "Ayla" and my owner stands up and takes me into a quite room, opening the carrier lid and gently picks me up.

I see the lady in green again as she looks into both my eyes and feels and stroke my thin body, after talking to my owner she leaves but soon comes back.

I feel a slight vibration and the sound of a buzz on my leg, then my owner cups my head in his hands and we touch noses, he looks closely into my eyes, as I look into his, there are tears rolling down the cheeks of his face and as he quietly talks to me, I recognise just three words.

"Ayla I love you so much, say hello to Sam for me."

I feel a slight jab in my leg and as I watch, more tears roll down his face, I hear my owner say: "I'll miss you Babes."

His face goes black.

As I look down from the sky I can see the rooftop of my owner's house, the birds in the trees and the garden that was my playground.

A black car slowly pulls into the drive where I used to run out to greet my owner and his lady.

They both climb out of the car and take the white carrier into the house, and I see my owner step out into the back garden, he puts down the carrier and opens the lid, taking out my brown rug, and there, I see a beautiful black cat curled up asleep.

He gently lifts up the cat and I see him kiss her, then rests her onto the rug, touches the pads of her paws then folds my rug over her, he then takes something from the front of my carrier (Ayla), placing it on top of the rug.

I watch my owner walk over to my favourite sleeping place with the rug and he moves the piece of wood away.

I see a deep hole, then he places the rug slowly into it, and taking earth from the bucket, starts to fill in the hole.

After kneeling there with his hands together he gets up to cut flowers from the garden and places them with some water on top of my favourite sleeping place.

I hear a call from behind, and turn, to see my brother Sam.

Ayla - Born 5th May 1992 - Died 14th August 2007 - Rest In Peace

Copyright 2007: Tom Nocun

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