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Booker And Seth


My cat Seth was from an abandoned litter and in poor health, he was barley 3 weeks old when I brought him home, Booker my brothers Rottweiler was around a year old at the time. Shortly after we introduced them, we noticed a special bond developing. Booker was infatuated with the new addition, she groomed him constantly, followed him everywhere and she was extremely protective.

Big MOM & Seth

As time passed both Booker and Seth had gained substantial weight, as it turns out for completely different reasons. Seth managed to supplement his calorie intake, hence the substantial weight gain and Booker wasn't "fattening Up for the winter" she had in fact been producing milk and providing late night feeding sessions for the industrious little fur ball!

Booker, has weaned and distanced herself from Seth, so he can be more independent. If we say "Booker where's your Baby!" she'll jump up and search for Seth. They still share special moments together, but usually when no one is looking, like it's a big secret.

From: Kevin

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