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April 2008

Brandy, our much loved pet was PTS a few months ago and we are still absolutely bereft at the loss. He had a cancerous lump in his stomach and in view of his age and a heart murmur surgery was not an option so the awful final decision had to be made. We know it was the right decision to save him unnecessary suffering but it has not saved us from the anguish of having to do it.

He had been with us for 18 wonderful years (perhaps the last year or two not so wonderful) and we would just like to chart his life with us against all the memorable occasions in our family during that time.

  • He was with us for the marriages of both our children, now well grown up.
  • He was with us for the births of all four grandchildren now aged between 9 and 13 years.
  • He was with us at the time of the deaths of our four parents covering a period of about 14 years.
  • He was here at the time of my sister's sudden death at age 75 in July 2007.
  • Two months later he also had gone. So we have had double the anguish that we might have normally expected!.

During the long dark nights immediately following his passing the words of a lament came to me over several weeks and only ever during the night, it is as follows...

Brandy The Lament


Brandy, enjoyiog the sunshine.

Our Brandy has breathed his last and gone.
Our special much loved and furry ginger tom,
He was ginger and white with a "gravy stain,"
And now we know he has no more pain,
He was an endearing, loving, friendly little soul,
And his absence has left a large unfillable hole.



He was ours for eighteen wonderful years.
But now we have just memories... and tears,
In the last ten months he went downhill,
And at last we realised he was very ill,
He had got so thin we could feel his bones,
But from him there came no obvious moans.

To announce his presence he had started to yowl,
But never from him was to be heard a growl,
He was not interested in cat treats or a toy,
But he gave to us unlimited joy.
We loved to brush and stroke his soft fur,
Now we no longer hear his contented purr.


A game of cat bannisters!

We played "cat bannisters" with him on the stairs,
He would playfully dab at us with no cares,
We, him and the grandchildren loved this game,
But now things will never be the same.
His presence is everywhere; but now nowhere,

And all is quiet, empty, lonely and bare,
Not that he made much noise--but he was always there!
No more newspaper on the floor or litter trays
Our 'Brandy' has peacefully ended his days.
He is now in the garden with the other two,
Rest in Peace our 'Brandy' We Do So Miss You!

By: Rob & Gill

Copyright: Rob & Gill - 2008

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