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Bugs The Cat With Cattitude!

January 2004

A little while ago, I started finding little black marks down the toilet bowl, I wondered at first what they were until I encountered the following scene...


You know the old saying that cat's won't drink clean water - preferring to drink from a dirty puddle outside - well as you can see - Bugs had other ideas!

He never used to do this, he preferred it "on tap" at the dripping bathroom sink, but when we employed the use of a new washer, the faucet dried up and he found another source.

What can you do with him?

If we put the seat down to stop him, he starts complaining, he even has the cheek to come into the bathroom now and give me a filthy look when I'm on the loo for polluting his drinking supplies.

Now that's Cattitude!

Copyright 2004: Vash

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