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I have stalked the centuries
a mistress of my skill;
arched back, padded foot,
an aristocrat of the jungle.
Black fur, wide eye,
a queen of the dark.
Needle claw, spike tooth,
a hunter of food.

I have walked the temples
a goddess of my magic;
tall ear, high tail,
a sphinx of the silence.
Long whine, short growl,
a singer of songs.
Clear mind, sharp smell,
a witch of the senses.

I have explored the gardens
a defender of my territory;
wire whisker, air leaper,
a watcher from the trees.
Low crouch, quick pounce,
a chaser of butterflies.
Straight stretch, curved purr,
a lover of the hearth.

Dedicated to Miffy (19th November 1979 to 14th March 1992)

Copyright © Vivien Steels (First published in WRITE-AWAY - Summer 2001 & in VANTASIA magazine (CTVCA) - 10th Anniversary Edition - Summer 2003)

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