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Chazzy, looking very mysteriously at the outdoors!


Black cat, black cat, smiles and lies,
hiding behind your black cat eyes.
Sneaking glances and proud prances,
ears erect, you are foolishly wise.

Black cat, black cat, tail a twitch,
you snap it like a long black switch.
Indifferent poses and upturned noses,
nails kneading, you are a witch.

Black cat, black cat, treacherous grin,
Jumping, prowling, you go for a spin.
Tensely tiffed and mildly miffed,
niftly napping, you always win.

Black cat, black cat, calling meow,
I can pet you when you allow.
Pleasantly purring, just barely stirring,
nuzzling nearer, I'll forgive you somehow.

Copyright Larry Franz  

Carrie & Chaz

Carrie and Chaz.

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