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Every Day's A New Day

Sassy Surprised

My own moggy named Sassy with a look of surprise! She has spotted a moth fluttering just above her head and cannot believe the cheek of the moth!

We have a young cat, a gray tabby with white socks that appears to operate under the old axiom, "Every day's a new day."


Being an indoor-outdoor model, he spends his nights outside and his days inside. Well, except for the 15 or 20 times a day he whines at the door to come in or go out! But, as I said, he spends the entire night outside. Sleeps in our old detached, doorless garage, as near as I can tell.

In the mornings he's just plain weird. From the time he enters the door, usually the front where he waits for us to get the morning papers, he behaves as if he's been kidnapped and thrown into a totally alien world.



Astonished at the placement of a shoe he slowly circles it. Intrigued by the throw rug - he tests it with one paw as if to see if it could be covering a tiger pit rigged to trap him.

This morning, I was sitting in my favourite chair enjoying the soulful silence of early morning when I saw him come creeping across the living room like a lost kid in a fairy tale.

Just when his white paw hit the rug at the base of the stairs, I blurted out, "Pssst!" and he jolted a full two feet in the air, tush and tail leading the way in a wildly comical half twirl. After he landed, he continued, one creaky stair at a time up to my son's room where he whined outside the door until he was let in.

I finished my coffee and began my centering prayer - but not before I thanked God that even though every day is, in fact, a new day, he's seen fit, for me at least, to leave the stage and the scenery pretty much the same.

Author Unknown - 26th April, 1999.

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