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Gabby - A very talkative Cat!

Kliban Cat

From Lucy Rice aged 16, Washington, United Kingdom.

My name is Lucy Rice, I have one cat which is a tortoise shell white. She is called Gabby, she was originally a stray and wandered around our garden, when ever we tried to approach her she would blot away, so we never hardly saw as she would run away.

She only has one eye, which we still don't know how she lost. We originally thought she was a he! We used to call her "one eyed jack". We went on holiday for two weeks and when we came back there she was sitting on our doorstep.

She is now the most nicest cat I have ever come across, never has scratched or bitten us and she constantly talks, never shuts up, even when she is asleep she cries in her dreams, so we decided to call her gobby, but my brother thought it was horrible so we changed it to Gabby, which sounds a lot better, now that we have got her I don't think I could ever give her up!

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