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Herman The Cat


This is Herman after living with us for several months, didn't he turn out to be a beautiful cat!


This is the day Herman decided living with us was definitely preferable to a life living rough on the streets.
We took in a stray long-haired ginger tom (who was later neutered). He was the grumpiest looking cat you ever saw, as he was a stray he was in a dreadful scruffy state, and for a while we thought he was feral, his hair was so matted, we didn't even realise he was a long-haired cat till much later.

We fed him for months but couldn't get near him as he was so timid. We had to catch him in a trap we borrowed from the Cats Protection League, and then we discovered that he was a real softie.

We took him in and had him for 12 years, he had to be put to sleep due to illness in old age, and the vet estimated he was at least 22 years old.

He was named 'Herman' for the following reasons:

Firstly he was a little hermit, living alone so we were reminded of the pop group Herman's Hermits.

Secondly, he was initially a very unattractive cat, hence he reminded us of Herman Munster (poor little thing!).

And lastly, my daughter had a soft toy cat, she had it for years and it was very scruffy, as a small child she named him Herman (we never knew why!).

So his name had to be Herman.

August, 2004 - Wendy & Allen Farrell, from Bradford, West Yorks, UK -

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