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How Many Nights?


March 2004 - Magnificent Binnie - Rest In Peace

How many nights do you think I have left
to lie close beside you in bed?
Then to see as I rise
those compassionate eyes,
your warm smile, your leonine head.

How many more days will I hurry home
so anxious to see your dear face.
Driving fast through the rain
to be with you again,
and be calmed by your tender embrace.

How many more times will I start to panic
when you're not in your usual chair.
The terrible fear, 'til at last you appear,
then sweet, blessed relief that you're there.

How many stabs to my heart can I stand
as I watch you grow weaker each day.
Every mouthful you eat
a miraculous feat...
(Performed just for me anyway...)

How many times is a prognosis wrong?
These things are not written in stone.
There is nothing else for it but to try and ignore it,
stay with me, don't leave me alone.

Still, how many nights can we hope to have left
before we must finally part?
Oh my precious best friend,
though your life here must end,
your paw-print is etched on my heart.

Copyright 2004: Jeannie S  

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