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Jezi's Story

By: Sue

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28th May 2001 - Arrival : I was surfing the Internet, in hope of finding something on a free ads site. Then I put in the search engine the word 'free'. Up popped a ton of free offers, majority of them not actually free, then I spotted something in red.

A man was desperately searching for the right home for his Bengal cat - a pedigree - and worth a fortune feline. I felt I had to write to him and say I hoped he found a good home for his cat named Jezebel (Jezi to me).

So I wrote to him and said how I hoped he found a nice home and he wrote me back saying he had a week and how the Landlord won't allow her to stay. He told me how he had had a few callers who sounded less than Genuine, I told him I was worried for him, as people these days are less than honest.

My kids and I searched this breed on the Internet and we talked about this man's dilemma and we decided we would adopt Jezi to be sure she would be safe and loved. The man said he had one thing he wanted people to promise - to never sell Jezi on or to re-home her without his prior permission. This, I thought is not something many people would do knowing the value of these cats.

But I am a cat lover and to me price is irrelevant, temperament and personality far outweighing any price tag, I already had a half-Burmese - Oscar, and a Black moggy - Pixel, and had had a Siamese cross, and I knew how these rare breeds talked and were full of life, love and how they were personality filled babies. So we decided the only way is for us to have her as we were quite happy to keep this promise. To make sure Jezi had a safe and loving home. In our family - and I am sooooo glad we did.

So that night at 8.30pm Jezi arrived in style in a wonderful Silver Mercedes Benz. I could see that the man was very upset and that this was not easy for him to do. But the Landlord had forbidden it and he knew this is what he had to do.

Jezi29th May 2001 - Day One: When he left Jezi was on top of the kitchen units and didn't come down until 2 am or so. Then there was an almighty fight in my kitchen - my two cats being battle scarred and Jezi being fine. She spent all day growling, hissing and spitting at people and cats alike. Trying to attack the cats and generally being the cat from hell, but in between times she did come out and play for a while. She spent a lot of time hiding away where she felt safe in her cat box she had arrived in. That was her point of sanctuary, where nobody would touch her. I was really worried she wouldn't settle, we couldn't go near to her without her growling, and generally looking very scary.

She didn't eat, drink, pee, and hardly left her box. We eventually thought we had better bring her cat box/litter box/food and the whole thing to my bedroom where the computer is, so while I was writing, she could see me and I shut the bedroom door and immediately she came out.

She sniffed all around the room, moaning and growling the whole time, she jumped on top of the wardrobe and peered down at us like we were her minions (which we are of course). She walked over desk and keyboard and sat in front of the monitor in distaste. Eventually I opened the door so the other two could see me, and Jezi made sure they knew she was the new boss, my two didn't seem to mind, Oscar being a wimp, and Pixel not caring if she is attacked by Jezi or not.

JeziI was thinking maybe if Jezi didn't calm down that I wouldn't be able to cope with this mad wild tiny thing. Contemplated having taken on the mad princes of Bengalia. And I said to my children, I'll give her two weeks, but if she doesn't calm down from this cat-from-hell-attitude, we'll have to contact the man to see what to do.

So as I went to bed that night, I was very on edge...
30th May 2001 - Day Two: Came and Jezi had slept the previous night, ate something etc. She was still hissy and spitty, but it was less than before. She seemed to talk to herself all the time in a low Tiger-like growling/moaning. She played and she looked around but hadn't ventured downstairs yet, only looking over the top. She still hissed and growled when the other cats were present but it was at a lesser level than Day 1. Then, at 12.31pm she ventured down the stairs for the first time, quietly and carefully she went, checking out the house, grumbly growling all the while. She checked out the lower level, Pixel watching her the whole time.

JeziThis was great, Day 1 had made me feel like I had taken on a wild thing, but today she is roaming, still growling, but that is okay. She had a good roam around, and even used the communal litter tray, which was great. Talking the whole time, but she was now happy to go up and downstairs, and not just seclude herself upstairs. She was growling and hissing less all the time, and really turning into a great source of fun and amusement. She went behind shower curtains, under and over desks, on the keyboard, she dialled out on the fax, played 'string', Slept, tried to kill the side of my new bed, scratched my son then she felt all sorry and tried to dig her way into his bedroom. How sweet.

I am so glad that I made this decision as it is only day two and she is settling in well, after yesterdays mayhem. I know she will settle in well now and integrate into our family unit. And we would already miss her as we have fallen head over heels for this bundle of fun. I have to thank Allen for entrusting her to us. And shall of course be emailing him pictures and updates on the Life and Times of Jezi.

31st May 2001 - Day Three : Well, day three was fabulous, Jezi was running around all parts of the house. (Including on the table and the oven, which is a no, no and she got informed of such by a swift lift and restoring to floor level.) She played with my younger son, he had some teeny plastic Frisbees and Jezi thought they were great, he span them up the hall and Jezi went careering after them, even picking them up and running around with them. We gave her Pixel's mouse and Jezi killed it a few hundred times. She 'helped' us put our new Fan together by getting into the grill, of course her being the foreman we had to let her.

JeziShe slept for a while on my bed, and under my duvet was explored. She, unfortunately bounded on my son's army base of cardboard boxes, and he wasn't in the least amused (I was - But had to pretend not to be) She isn't growling half as much at the other two cats, which is great. And I think she must be using the other cats litter tray coz she isn't using her own? (no puddles or presents anywhere either!)

Took lots more photos, surfed the net for all info on this wonderful cat The Bengal, and made appointment at the vets for tomorrow to get micro-chipped and wormed etc...

She sleeps well and is quieter than my other two cats...

And all in all - after only three days we'd be lost without her.

1st June 2001 - Day 4 - I got up to a wonderful welcome from all three cats, all were apparently starving at 5 am. So I fed the bunch and began my day. Jezi and Oscar have decided stealing each others food is preferable to eating their own, it's the same exact food, but they find it amusing.

There is still a small amount of hissing (from Jezi) but the other cats have decided she is all talk and are now ignoring her hissing until it gets to an evil growl.

Robert & JeziWell, I got back from the vets not long ago, Jezi cried on the way there, but she was very well behaved whilst inside the office. She was micro chipped and wormed, and the vet had a look at her nose which looked a little dry, she said for me to keep my eye on it and if it doesn't get better to go back again (looks kinda scabby) I feel like she is really part of the family now. When we got home she immediately came out of her box and chased her mouse up the hallway, ate some food, chased Oscar then proceeded to gaze out of the window in Javan's room.

6th June 2001 - This week has been quite an adventure for us all I must say... and Jezi is now a central member of our little 'clan'. I never knew when I got up on Monday morning what treasures this week would bring to me, and how one little Internet search could throw up a wonderful tumultuous spotted little Princess ball of fun.

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