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A Ladies Story...

Lady Cat
I stood to the side, concentrating on my newspaper as others too noticed his discomfort.

Fumbling with the ornate box and ribbon, the gemstones (not expensive) danced and sparkled in the light, as he gently fastened the clasp at the back of her neck. She flicked her hair from her eyes and looked upward and gently, remembering every feature of his face and acutely aware of the tear gently falling from his cheek.

She turned, and catching his eye for one last time, entered, as the door clicked gently behind. She held his gaze through the window.

I opened the driver's door and entered our vehicle in Nice quietly in the beautiful sunshine of the South of France and engaged first gear, the engine roaring into life. I placed my newspaper on the passenger seat and was aware of her crying quietly in the back. It was not appropriate for me to speak at that time. I accelerated gently looking in my rear view mirror as she held his image gradually diminishing in size and form until we turned a corner leaving us on our own and him, equally on his own but now... desperately lonely.

Initially she was upset, but after the first few miles, I was aware of her having a drink. Nothing excessive, merely a distraction from the road ahead and a relief from the slight humidity despite the twin air conditioning systems creating their own symphony.

We pulled into the fountain car park just outside Auch, capital of the Gers region and slowly walked, stopping occasionally to enjoy the slight breeze but comfortable in our silence. I did eventually speak but with little response. She was thinking of him, I knew that.

We enjoyed some food, consumed quietly and with distraction in the warm sunshine but soon it was time to leave. I opened her door and as she glanced briefly in my direction, I was aware of her striking beauty but had even greater awareness of her 'gentleness' of nature.

The hotel, having been booked in advance, accepted my credit card without comment. After dinner, we walked in the moonlight beside the lake. I had been here before... but not with her.

The morning is always difficult but following some breakfast and after a few miles, she fell asleep, which was probably best for both of us.

We passed some of the most beautiful scenes the French countryside had to offer, the engine purring reassuringly and bringing us towards home... towards England.

Tunbridge Wells does not change and as we passed the Pantilles, I glanced at the umbrellas and raincoats, my suntan obvious to all. As we pulled into the graveled driveway, she made herself ready as she surveyed what had been once and was now again... home.

We were all aware of the moment she spotted him, standing in jophurs at the stable door, her awareness of his presence became quite audible to me and the hairs on my neck stood proud. His riding boots shone in the dim light as he opened her door, watching as her tongue flicked gently over her lips, impatiently.

He stretched out and she awaited his enveloping arms as now she licked and nuzzled into his manliness, as only his Norwegian Forrest Cat can... affectionate but still so very independent.

A tear did fall down his cheek as he thanked me graciously for my care of his darling Rhana as we drove overland whilst he flew back to Heathrow.

We exchanged numbers and I drove off to my own family... another successful delivery from petsforpets your European and United Kingdom Pan European Pet Transportation Service (PETS).

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We get about a bit because you need us to get about a bit.

We hope you enjoyed our little story. Be honest, how long were you fooled?

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