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Whiskey above & TC below. Whiskey was our pet for 21 happy years until she sadly died. Our other cat TC died the year before aged 15 and he was a lovable rogue who found us one day when just a tiny kitten.



They left us their paw prints we no longer see,
their happiness still in our minds.
They left us fond memories to you and to me,
their friendship will last all of time.
They left us their shadows grow dimmer to fade,
but never forgotten we'll see.
They left us their photos to gaze at each day,
to brighten us up when we're down.
They left us their feelings their purrs and their meows,
that echo around empty rooms.
They left us those moments to think of and smile,
of footfalls not gentle, like horses.
They left us their playing they thought such a lark,
with toy mice and baubles a plenty.
And the house was all empty without our small friends,
but the love that they gave will remain...

Copyright Trevor & Susan  

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