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Beautiful Princess Who Turns Sorrow Into Joy

Companion to Bobbi & Family.

"Our cat is a young African Serval named Menefer Adjatay Ekundayo, which means, Beautiful Princess Who Turns Sorrow Into Joy. After losing our beloved Savannah to feline infectious peritonitis, we realized that the characteristics we loved so much in him were those of the Serval. We did a lot of research to understand all that is involved in caring for a wild animal - a responsibility not to be taken lightly. After hearing from other Serval owners how rewarding it is to be owned by one, we acquired a permit and found a reputable breeder in the area. In due time, Menefer came to live with us and, indeed, is a true source of joy in our home."

"Menefer, that's what we call her for short. She is 5 months old and weighs 10.5lbs, so she's still a kitten. By the time she's grown, she'll tip the scales at 40lbs or so. She is very social and loving. My husband takes her to his office when I'm at work or in school, so she is exposed to a variety of people and likes nearly everyone. We will be giving educational seminars with her when she gets a little older - that's a requirement for the permit we have from the state of Arizona. Needless to say, she's the center of our busy universe."

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