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Paddy-pooh & Greta Garbo

Greta (I vant to be alone) Garbo & Paddy-Pooh
From: Mimmi Garth - New York City, NY.

In order to tell the story of how these 2 precious bundles of love came to live with me there must be some background information first.


The first cat of my adulthood came to me from a friend whose boyfriend was allergic! Pushkin came to me with heart disease and hyperthyroidism. Six month after Pushkin came I learned Reiki, a Tibetan-Japanese hands-on healing technique. Part of the training consists of daily self-treatments over all the chakra points of the body. Pushkin received treatments daily and always fell into a deep sleep with my hands on her.

Fast-forward 5 years and Push has had many vet visits and is on medication for her heart, high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism. We had an amazing relationship, she and I. She was my greatest love and I hers. From August of 1999 she was not 100% . . . there were more episodes and vet visits.

Along this time a friend of mine, Chris, was feeding strays in her backyard and had been for a year. One of the strays, Misty, was Chris's favourite and they were growing quite attached to one another. Low and behold one day Mistry brought, in her mouth, 2 precious bundles of fur to Chris and deposited them in her garage. Chris asked me to come and do Reiki on the babies and I could hardly wait!

They were about 6 weeks old and tiny, the boy smaller than the girl. Their heads were considerably larger than usual for the size of their bodies, and they held their back legs very stiffly. They propelled themselves around by tossing their heads and inching their bodies with the movement started by their heads. It was truly remarkable to watch these tiny creatures get WHEREVER they wanted to go.

I did Reiki on them and prayed. Intuitively I knew something was not right, but not what it was. I urged Chris to take them to the vet to be checked out. Two weeks went by with Pushkin's health failing to the point where I took her to the vet and discovered the arteries in her heart were calcified and there could be no quality of life for my precious friend. Her lungs were full of fluid and she was breathing heavily. I held her as the effects of the shot took her life from me. It was the hardest and most tender moment of our lives together.

Golden Eyes!

Golden Eyes!

Two weeks after Push left, Chris took the babies to her holistic vet and the diagnosis of Cerebellar Hypoplasia was given with the good news that they could live long and happy lives with a little extra care and attention.

Chris asked me to take them, they came back to Chris after their 2 days at the vet and I took them home with me that night!

The story goes on and on . . .

Mimmi Garth - New York City, NY.  

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