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Moggy Mania

(First published in a Women's Magazine about 6-7 years ago.)

Cats Of Cudell

The cats of Cudell. Picture courtesy of: Laura Dumm Artwork

Lazy cats and wanderers,
active cats and ponderers,
plump cats and thin cats,
sad and Cheshire-grin cats.
Dumpy ones, and tall,
old cats, bold cats,
came-in-from-the-cold cats.

Peaceful ones and fighters,
mousers and moonlighters,
and stay-in-doors-at- nighters
who won't go out at all!
Noisy cats and quiet ones,
fat or on-a-diet-ones.

Long-haired, very fluffy cats,
sleek or even scruffy cats.
Lean cats and brawny cats,
well-fed and scrawny cats,
black, white or tawny cats -
I just love 'em all!

Copyright Mrs BJ Poskitt - Oxford  

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