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In Rememberance Of Morris (1990 - 21st June 2006)

What can I say about Morris! I still remember the day I phoned the Cat Protection League to ask if they had a brown tabby kitten. We had had a family meeting to discuss having a cat and I got out voted! I was so against having a cat, we moved a lot with my husband's job and it wasn't fair to keep uplifting an animal. Little did I know that I would fall totally and absolutely head over heels, hook, line and sinker with Morris.

He arrived, with style I have to say, killed my rubber plant inside a month, refused to eat kit-e-kat and didn't like using the littertray because he didn't want to be watched!

He ruled the roost and lived life to the full. I still remember how heartbroken we were when he disappeared for the whole day, returning late evening, covered in dirt and rabbit droppings where he had got stuck down a hole! He had his nine lives twice over that boy!

Rescued with cat flu, one of only two who survived the litter! Then at 8 years of age gets a bowel condition requiring half his bowel to be removed and a visit to the vet school in Edinburgh as it was so rare!

He was so well travelled, on a plane once when we sent him to my in laws to live for three years whilst nipping abroad. On a train south when we came back, much to the pleasure of my husband who used him to attract some young females attention!

In the car, regularly, which reminds me of the day we were getting ready to go to visit family for the week. We lived in the north of Scotland at that time. We were all ready to go, the girls decided to put him in the car ready, but our youngest opened the door and he legged it up the waste ground at the back of the house. We called, we climbed up there but couldn't catch him. We had to hide the car back in the garage and leave the back door open. Three hours later he ventured in, I can tell you three people all jumped on him at once and he was in his box and in the car under five minutes!

Vets was another situation. We had to spell the word "V E T" - as if you didn't he would seize the moment and leg it out of any available route and be gone for a good few hours! Much to the amusement of the vet when we phoned him to cancel and re-book because he had gone again!

What else can I say about Morris, he liked feet and took great pleasure in sticking his claws into them at every available opportunity, particularly our youngest daughters! He would wait under the bed for her to come into our room in the morning and just as she got near - pounce! He was extremely vocal, including chirping noises which increased in volume if you didn't do what he wanted. Then a full major tantrum just like a two year old, claws into the carpet, growls, chirps and grumps! Just to get what he wanted.

Today is Midsummer's Day and the saddest day of our lives because we lost our precious Morris after a brave fight with cancer! I feel so priviledged to be loved by him, he was a great cat, very friendly and loving. He gave my family such pleasure, I will always be indebted to him for the total and absolute love he gave us. He will be greatly missed.

By: Eileen Blezard

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