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Oscar enjoying the comforts of home.
A few years ago, when I lived in London, my ground-floor flat was alongside a railway line. Due to the overgrowth and bushes there, we had a few foxes who wandered around the area. Nature, being what it is, this also meant a few fox cubs too.

One night, whilst in bed, I awoke to the sound of running thumping in the garden on the outside of my bedroom wall. I looked out the window but could see nothing. A few minutes later I heard it again - thumpa, thumpa, thumpa!

I got out of bed and wandered through to the kitchen to have a look out of the french windows. I could see Oscar the cats' white chest as he sat underneath a bush. When I switched on the garden light, there was a young fox cub standing in front of him. I immediately opened the door and shoo-ed him away.

I called Oscar to come in but he was having none of it and stayed put. After a few fruitless moments of pointless persuasion I headed back to bed.

Five minutes later I heard it again - thumpa, thumpa, thumpa! I got to the french windows in time to see the fox cub chasing Oscar up the garden and back under the bush. Before I could take any action, my eyes were taking in the sight of seeing Oscar chasing the fox cub back down the garden!

A couple of minutes of quiet observation revealed that cat and cub were quite happily playing 'chases'. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen although, to this day, Oscar has never revealed who actually won. :-)

Donna (January 2005)

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