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Tiki & Rico

Tiki the Tuxedo, who reached a fighting weight of 25 lbs, died at age 9 of liver failure. Rico the Burmese "Mama's Boy", died 5 years later, also at age 9 from a severe stroke.

Beyond The Pearly Gates

She'd been with you for many years,
her loyalty did show.
You loved her and she loved you back,
until she had to go.

You found him as a lonely stray,
you gave him lots of care.
His grateful love had known no bounds,
until he wasn't there.

You miss her shaggy golden head
Or striped or spotted back,
your dear companion cat or dog
whose love you'd never lack.

Do not despair for they'll be there,
when your time's at the end.
There just beyond the Pearly Gates,
awaits your furry friend.

"Amalthea Celebras"
29th June 1996

Copyright 2004: Karen C Fahel

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