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Phenix & Chi Chi

I first remember my funky cat Phenix. She was only 9 months old when we got her. She was a pure black cat. She was adorable as a kitten. She followed me around like a mother. We often sat together in front of the fire. We would eat together. She sat underneath the table while I ate my dinner. She would sleep next to my head at night time, and I would pretend that she was my baby and wrap her in my dressing gown. She grew up, like myself into a polite young lady. She always brought me back her presents of mice and birds. As she grew older and bigger, she weighed nearly 1 stone. One morning, I heard her meowing at the kitchen door, so I woke up and opened it for her. She strut in with a live white rabbit in her mouth. It was the size of your fist. It was only a baby, it looked awful. I tried to take it away from her, and she just gave it to me. She didn't fight or struggle, she just dropped it into my hands. She had a lot of water and mud on her feet so I knew she had been to another garden

Because I don't have any water in my garden. I fed her on her cat food and put her in front of the fire where she sat for the rest of the morning. I looked at the rabbit, and it didn't have a scratch on it. It was pure white and had big, clear red black eyes. I was amazed that my baby didn't hurt the rabbit. I gave it some apples and other things and kept it in the kitchen for a while. I went to see Phenix and she was purring infront of the fire, so I knew she was ok.

Later on in the day, I went to the vet to get them both checked in case either one was hurt. I looked out for any missing rabbit posters, but there was only one poster selling white rabbits, and surprisingly, the person lived two doors away from me. I wondered over to her house and she invited me in. She asked me if I was interested in having a rabbit, and I asked her if she was missing any. She told me she had lost one little baby one, and we just linked the bits together. She didn't want the rabbit back, so I decided to take it to a re-homing centre.

As soon as I got home, I saw that the kitchen door was open and Phenix was gone from the fire. I ran inside to see the rabbit and Phenix, cuddled up together, which I got very concerned about. I have never seen a cat and a rabbit be in the same room as each other let alone sit next to each other. I rang up the vets and asked if that was ok, the vet told me it was fine. I loved my pet rabbit, I called him Chi Chi. I was later shocked when I heard that Mel B from the Spice girls called her daughter Phoenix Chi. I was so shocked!

I have unfortunately lost both my darling pets, I am a little old now, and I don't think that both pets could have made it to 46 years old, which is how old Phenix would be on the 31st of October, I know what you are all thinking. Black cat-October the 31st, Halloween, but she was the most darling cat in the world, now she has left us.

In memory of Phenix and Chi Chi - Loving pets of Charisma Green.

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