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Pookie - Seven Year Old Calico - From: Glenolden, PA, USA.

How I Saved Pookie's Life

I met Pookie when she was four months old. My best friend got her about a year after I got Pinhead.

Since her human was my best friend I got to see her quite often. Sometimes I would bring her presents like toy mice and catnip. I was probably her only friend outside of her human keeper. Many of you probably know that Calico cats are very particular. They don't make friends easily and only love one person at a time.

About four years later my friends wife who probably was not happy about that fact got really upset at Pookie because she ate too much and threw up on the dinning room table. She is not a cat person because if she were she would have just cleaned it up and went about her business. Instead what she did was to take Pookie to the local SPCA.

Needless to say my friend was very upset but realized that he could not leave her there or take her home. When he told me I instantly said, "You can't leave her there bring her to my place". So he brought her over. Now Pookie is very shy and very quiet. You can barely hear her meow. However Pinhead is quite the opposite. He's very out going and very vocal. Sometimes it's hard to get him to shut up. All Pinhead wanted to do was play with her, but she would have none of that and would run away and hide. So I had to separate them.

Pookie lived in my bedroom with her litter box and food at opposite ends of the room. She liked to sit in the window for hours. Fortunately I worked right behind where I lived so I could see her in the window. About five days after I got her I came home from work and went into the bedroom and looked at her and she was foaming at the mouth and struggling to breathe. I was terrified.

I immediately scooped her up and went to the vet emergency room. They said she had a respiratory infection and gave me some medicine to give her. I will not talk about giving her the medicine. If you ever had to give a cat medicine you know why. For a week I went through this with her, but she seemed to get weaker and weaker. She could not get enough air to jump or run. I had to pick her up to put her on the bed. At night I could not sleep because I would hear her gasping for air.

At some point I really thought she would not make it and with great sadness I called my friend and told him to come over because I did not think she would make it. When he came over I let her out of the bedroom and she slowly walked over to him and then all of a sudden she jumped onto a small table and started wagging her tail. She was very glad to see him. I could see the life come back to her. It was amazing to see this cat seemingly near death to come back to life like that.

Apparently she was so depressed and despondent over losing her home and loving human that she just gave up living. I've never seen anything like that. After that day she began to recover quite nicely and I encouraged my friend to come over as much as possible so that she would feel that he had not totally given up on her. She would meow at the door when he left. Slowly she realized that she had a new family and a huge (twice her size) domestic cat who wanted to be her friend. At this point Pinhead stopped playing with me and focused his attention on Pookie as his main source of entertainment.

Four years later the two of them are best friends and have their own relationship. As for Pookie and I she has learned to trust me and she lets me touch her and pick her up, something she would never let me do years ago. As a matter of fact she has become my shadow following me from room to room. She also sleeps with me often sharing my pillow as she purrs me to sleep.

Pookie is a wonderful cat very shy and lady like. After seeing how well they get along together and how much they need each other I realize now that it was our fate to be together. She has enriched my life as well as Pinheads and that it was well worth the effort it took to bring her back from the brink of death. So what's the big deal she still has eight lives left!

Author: Michael Alexander - Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved.

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