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My Purrfect Friends

By: Fionnuala Farrell

Kitty Kat

I grew up on a farm; we always had animal's cows, calves, pigs, hens and cats.

When I got married and had our own home. I felt a cat would be nice for company.

I went down to our local L.S.P.C.A. There I saw two lovely tiger type cats in a cage.

I fell in love with them straight away, their shining eyes shone out at me. I could sense that they knew I was going to take them home. I then enquired about them, I was so trilled when the assistant said, "I could have them". I was really excited, we called them Jeff and Tiger. They were so cute and lovable.

We bought them many toys to play with.

We were visiting our relations who had lots of kittens, we felt sorry for them, as all they had to eat was potato skins. We brought one male kitten home to meet Jeff and Tiger. At first they were very jealous. We called him Jasper. Some time later Jeff and Tiger disappeared.

One morning I went outside and at the door I saw a lovely furry cat. Of course I gave him food and milk. We called him Cleo. That was five years ago and he is still around to hear the tail! Jasper died some time later.

That same year my friend gave me a Christmas present of a lovely kitten, we called him Marmalade, we have him four years.


We decided we would like another cat around the house. I went again to our local L.S.P.C.A. I was given another tiger type cat, we called him Silvo. he has been with us for three years.

Most times they all get along very well.

They all get up to mischief now and then like sneaking in the windows especially the bedroom, hide under blankets especially the electric, and open the back door.

We have to praise them when they catch the odd mouse or rat.

We would not part with them for the world. They are our three-purfect furry friends.

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