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Queen Cami & Her Subjects


Author: Denise Brixey - E-Mail:

My name is Cami, although at times, my people call me Queen. It is only right because, you see, I am one. I'm here to tell of my three lives.

I was born into my catdom as royalty. My people never once even thought to replace me with some other cat. I took all of their love and attention. Until one day my manservant brought home two other kittens. I never thought that he would turn cat-in-pan. To turn into a traitor like this was inconceivable. I never dreamed in my wildest of dreams that this nightmare would come true. Well, we would see about this. My people made over these kittens as if they were the cat's meows. This was not acceptable. I would not stay here and let those kittens make a cats paw out of me. I would show them who the queen was around here.

So I turned around in a huff, stuck my tail straight up and walked to the door. My little girl came to the door. She had changed her mind after all. She knew that I was her only cat. She was devoted to me. But as she came near to me I could see she was cuddling one of those new kittens and talking to it softly. That was the end of my patience. After all, a cat can take just so much. I walked through the open door without turning back. I would give them about a week. They would come crawling back. You just wait and see.

That was the end of my first life and the beginning of my second.

At first, it wasn't so easy to be alone with no one to pet me. The first night was very cold and lonely, not to mention scary. Soon I heard a grumbling. What was that? Was it a bear or a mountain lion? Oh my, what shall I do? I crouched down in the high grass, thinking that if I was very still, it might just pass me by. It grew louder and louder. I shook more and more with each passing moment. I didn't feel quite like the Queen any longer. I felt like a scaredy-cat in fact. A cat so full of fright that all of my hair was standing straight on end. It was a good thing that I was cat-eyed, for it had become so dark that if I had human vision, I couldn't see my own paw in front of my face. Still I waited, and still the rumbling became so noisy that I could have sworn that it came from right behind me. Slowly, I turned. There was nothing there. Where was this huge animal that was making this threatening growl. Then I remembered that I was usually fed around darkness. My goodness, the sound came from my tummy. I was hungry. How silly I was, to be scared by my own hunger pains. I let out a sigh of relief and stood to my full height.

Where was I going to find some food? I saw a light across the way. Maybe they would have a bowl full of kibble just for me. So I pranced towards the light, keeping my head up and my nostrils flared for any sign of food. Ah, there was movement in the house. A woman was cooking human food for a meal they called dinner. I continued up to the door and let a ferocious meow that usually let my manservant know how hungry I was and that I expected to be fed right away. Instead of the soft voice that I had hoped to hear, a gruff "Get out of here" came from the other side of the sliding glass door. A man stood with his hands on his hips and a scowl on his face. I turned tail and ran so fast that I forgot which way I was going. Soon I had completely lost my direction. I stopped and looked around me. Nothing looked familiar. I was lost. I had heard about being lost before, but never experienced it. It was terrifying. The trees were intimating with their towering height and their enormous branches looking like huge giants reaching out for me. I could only sit down and mew a soft cry. This was dreadful that I, Queen Cami, should be shaking in my boots.

In a little while, I heard a slight rustle. This wasn't my stomach at all. This was something else. Something entirely new to me. I looked up and saw a pair of gleaming eyes that shone from a dirty white cat. Another cat was standing right in front of me.

I came to know him as Perot. He taught me to hunt and to fend for myself. Soon my hunting abilities were such that even Perot was amazed. My prey rarely got away and I was a very independent cat. Why I didn't even need Perot anymore, but he was a great friend. We loved to chase each other in the warm sunshine.

So the days went on, and my people didn't come for me. I began to think the impossible. Could they have forgotten me? No, they couldn't be happier without me. I was the queen of their lives. I ran their house for them. How could they possibly manage without me?

That's when I met my next manservant, although he didn't know it at the time. He was doing some work in his garden and I came up to introduce myself to him. He reached down and pet me, talking softly to me all the while. Hmm. I liked this man and he seemed to like me. So from that day on, I visited him whenever I saw that he was outside. I followed him around, making sure that he did whatever task that he was doing that day right. He, in turn, enjoyed my company and talked to me constantly. Life was again good.

Until the night of The Snow Storm. Well, if you know anything about cats, you know that they do not, under any circumstances, like snow! I was outside, so cold that I could see my breath right in front of me. The snow was blowing right past me and I couldn't find a place in which to warm my weary bones. Then I saw lights on at my manservant's house. I ran as fast as I could to the deck and pressed my nose against the sliding glass door, letting out a pitiful cry.

What happened next saved my life. My manservant opened the door, and instead of chasing me away, he welcomed me into his house. I warmed myself by the fire while he made a bed and set out some food and water for me. He was my guardian angel from that moment on.

When the snow cleared, much to my surprise, my manservant didn't turn me out. No, he just loved me and took care of my every need. This is my third chance at a good life.

Oh, as to my first people, they moved from the area, leaving me on my own. Don't be too hard on them for it was my own doing. I left them, remember? So, the next time you see a cat that you think is stray, think again. He might be looking for you to be his servant.

Denise Brixey - USA  

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