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Queen Marmie Celebrates


Queen Marmie

Twenty-one year old Marmie who shares her birthday with Prince William.

MarmieCouple Simon and Kaity Grant held their own special 21st birthday celebration on the 21st of June, 2003.

Pictured right: Marmie when she was just a little kitten.

Their pet cat Marmie, who was born on the same day as Prince William also celebrated 21 years this year - or 147 cat years!

Their unusual ginger coloured female feline, who was aptly born on the longest day of the year, won over the couple's hearts many years ago.

Said Kaity: "She was born in a stable on Prince William's birthday and I was asked if I could take her because she desperately needed a home. I wasn't a great cat lover but I fell in love with her and so did my husband and she has been part of the family ever since."

A cat tends to live an average age of 12 years. Marmie's grand old age is a rare achievement and did not go unmarked, there were celebrations at the couple's home.

Added Kaity: "She is the center of our world. She is a really special cat."

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