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Raden's Victory

Cushion Fight!

My own Sassy, having a cushion fight!

Raden is a one and a half year old shorthaired cat, gray and white in colour, with a loving and very goofy disposition. She loves to get into mischief any way she can. But she has a disability. Raden can't jump like other cats can.

She was born with a deformity in the balls of her hips. She walks fine and runs fine, but she has never been able to jump. We all know cats love heights, but it was hard for her to get on windowsills or on the bed when she was little. So she tought herself how to climb. She became exceptionally good at it.

When she was about 5 months old, she could climb just about anything. I moved in with my fiancee (now my husband) when she was 6 months old, and he already had two cats. An orange tomcat named PJ who took to her right away. Those two became inseperable.

Mya, a blue eyed, white and gray haired queen who wanted to rule the cat world. She was a riot. She hated Raden the moment she saw her. She did everything to make Raden's life miserable. But my girl was determined to show Mya that she was just as good as she was.

We had a dresser that Mya would jump up on to when the cats were chasing each other around the house. Raden could never follow her. There was no way for her to climb up on it because there was nothing she could dig her nails into. And there was no way she could jump. So Mya would sit on her high perch and egg Raden on.

One day, Raden had just about as much as she could take. She went to get PJ. And together, those two cats proceeded to claw all the covers off of our bed and onto the floor next to the dresser. From there Raden climbed up onto the dresser and chased the bewildered Mya away. Raden sat victorious on her perch, and never again did Mya tease her from some place high because she knew then that Raden would find a way to get to her, no matter how long it took.

Raden is still the goof ball she has always been. She and Mya now have a relationship of toleration. But every now and then I will see Mya sitting on top of the fridge watching Raden on the floor trying to figure out her own way to get that high. I know she will figure it out on her own some day. But for now, Raden gets a little help from me with a lift. One that I know Mya does not appreciate!


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