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Rocky's Wild Ride

February 2003


My cat Rocky had a very scary experience one day. Our clothes dryer had overheated so we opened the door to let it cool. Well Rocky found the warm dryer a good place to lay down, unknowingly, my son closed the door and restarted the dryer.

About 10 minutes later I heard a loud banging... first thought went to the dryer and Rocky. We rushed to the dryer and there was Rocky on deaths door. I immediately wrapped her in a cold wet towel and rushed her to the vet. Thank heaven he was in, because it was Saturday and after hours. He took Rocky to the back and packed ice bags around her, started an IV, took her temp which was 107... he told us that blood clots usually around 106.

It didn't look good. After an hour we left Rocky with our vet not knowing if she would pull through or not. The vet called on Sunday and said we could come up to see her. There she was with the skin burnt off her nose, skin burnt off her pads of her paws, she had bite her tongue on her wild ride. She looked pitiful. But when she saw me she raised up and went to her food and started to eat. The vet said she hadn't touched it till she saw me. So then I knew my girl would make it.

We were able to take her home the following day and she made a 100% recovery. She is now as active as she was before and she's even more dearer to me now because she's gone through a rough patch and so have I due to illness. We both have pulled through and are the best of friends.


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