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RoseyRosey was brought to us by our Chocolate Lab dog, Sheba, when Rosey was only 2 days old. Sheba stole her from our Mommy Kitty or found her in the back yard, and brought her to the back door in her mouth. Mommy Kitty would not take her back, so we bottle fed Rosey and raised her the best we could.

She is a very demanding cat when she has had enough petting she bites, when she wants to be petted she grabs you with her claws.

People have told us she is this way because she was never around other kittens, they would have bitten her back and that would have stopped her biting. When people come into the house we have to put her in our bedroom, she will attack them at the drop of a hat, but we love her, she is our baby.

She was our first inside cat and the first cat that I would have anything to do with, now I love cats. Rosey is 6 years old now, and the BOSS of the house. She sits with me everyday and helps out on the computer, she loves the mouse pointer on the monitor and attacks it when ever it moves.

Author: Rawhawk (Bob Hawkins)  

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