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Samantha - Cat In A Million

Owner - James Boyd & Family


My wife reluctantly picked up little Samantha from our veterinarian where she had been anonymously dropped off after having been run over by a vehicle.

Samantha had been nursed back to health as a small kitten, but regrettably she had sustained inoperable radial nerve damage to her right paw, leaving it bent and useless. She was kept in a cage at the vet's office for a couple of months, always on the verge of being put to sleep. No one wanted her due to the injury, but we decided to adopt her despite already having seven other cats.

One happy day (for us, and hopefully for her) she was brought to her new home and we grew to love her very much. Most of the other cats didn't like her much since she was "different" and hobbled around on her injured leg. But I think she knew we loved her very much. She seemed to be so happy and played joyously around the house and especially when she was let out of the house for short periods.

Samantha brightened our lives, and I don't think that she realized that she had such a handicap. She proved to me that even with such a great deformity as the one she had, a happy life could still be lived. Our joyous life with Samantha began on July 27, 2003. She was a small Calico when she arrived, and she never grew to "full size." She had many attributes and characteristics that made her very unique and special, and I miss her very much.

On August 7 2004, I let her outside in our back yard early in the morning... before exiting the house she ran up onto a couch next to the back door and craned her neck so that I would scratch her reassuringly, as I did just about every morning. I told her "be careful Mantha" (her nickname), and she happily ran out the door into the darkness.

About five minutes later Samantha was viciously killed by a stray pit bull that had been wreaking havoc in our neighborhood for a period of time. I buried little Samantha, who seemed to have cherished life so much, in my back yard that very sad morning. My heart was so heavy that I didn't think I could make it through the day, and now six months later, I am still depressed and my heart is very heavy whenever she's on my mind.

I managed to trap and kill the pit bull, but that didn't bring any kind of relief. I miss, and will always miss, my little Samantha, who in my mind is an angel. Although I love my other cats very much, Samantha can never be replaced and I hope to have the chance to meet with her again someday.

James Boyd - Texas

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