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Sibling Rivalry

November 2005

The magnificent tom with broad shoulders and a swagger strolled to the mound overlooking the barn. He made himself comfortable, hunkered down in the long secret grass. There he sat all day, scarcely moving, except now and then his head would swivel round as a bird flew by.

Towards evening, he made his way to the back door. To look at him, you might have said he had a puzzled air. Yesterday, he had caught a blue tit on that spot, on the mound. Today, against all his expectations and firm belief, no bird flung itself out of the air in mid-flight, right into his waiting jaws! So he returned home, empty-pawed, hungry and more than a little dejected. What did a chap have to do around here to get a snack?

The little tortie female was prancing in front of him long before he gained the back door, almost as if she were goading him. Soon he saw why! A neat row of dead voles lined the step, and she mewed coyly. He biffed her on the nose and stalked off, suddenly losing his appetite for supper.

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