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Help Cats & Dogs In Spain

Orgiva Moggies

Just some of the feline gang, these are the lucky ones.

Our names are Tony and Hilary, we moved to southern Spain in May 1997 with one dog, Bentley and one cat, Niki, and no intention to gather anymore. Within 2 months we had our first abandoned kitten, Harry.

Several months later he was joined by Cora, a rather large Labrador cross who had been left at a kennels and never collected and was soon to be destroyed. Sadly Bentley and Niki have since died. Niki reaching the grand age of 18.

Not long after Cora moved in, we then moved to the Alpujarras, within 2 weeks we had another kitten, this one had been left in a plastic bag on the track near the house, a lovely ginger boy with a white bib we named Tilly. Then Trevor, a black and white kitten decided to move in and he let us know we had no say in the matter!

I think they passed the word around, because within a year we had 18 cats and four dogs - yet another cat was going to be dumped in town, a Siamese can you believe! He is named Frank because of his blue eyes, another kitten was off to the vets for her one and only visit so we brought her home and named her Nearly, then there was Minnie Tiddles who was about to have her head chopped off, the owner of the mother cat thought it was quicker than drowning, which is still practised here in Spain.

Orgiva Moggy

Another lucky Spanish moggy.
While we had up to 18 cats, they were fed twice a day with separate bowls, but as the numbers increased we decided just to leave big bowls of food out all the time. Seven years down the line and we now have 38 cats, 13 dogs, and a rescued Mule, we have also found homes for 12 cats and 9 dogs.

We spend 60 Euros a week on food alone, but we could really use some help with Vet costs, spaying costs 60 Euros, and neutering a little less. We have 7 females that need spaying at the moment, but it is an ongoing process, and getting the males done is also important. We would love to be able to start on the strays in an attempt to keep the population down once the rescued ones were sorted out.

I could tell you more stories about the cats we have collected, Sushi, the brown Tabby, who was thrown out of a car window in front of us, he's a gorgeous boy, or Mimi who was left unfed because they didn't want her, or Femi who is blind, I could write a book if I had the time!

If anyone feels they could help us with funding we would be very grateful and I know that the Cat population would be as well.

(Tony is a musician, the name of his Band is "KWANZA" he plays flute, Sax, and keyboard - teaches these instruments to local children, but the main income is from the weekend Gigs, and some cleaning Lil (Hilary), is able to do locally. They are both in their 50's. and devoted to helping animals in anyway possible.)

If you can can help in any way, please contact them by mail at the address below.

Tony Connolly & Hilary Gill
APTD 137
Granada 18400

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