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Kitten that chewed off legs to save its life is to get artificial limbs!

24th May 2001

Stubbs Update

Stubbs Recovering

A kitten in Los Angeles that saved its own life by gnawing off its gangrenous legs is set to get artificial limbs.

Stubbs was doused in lighter fuel then set on fire while living wild. He chewed off part of two of his legs to stop the infection spreading.

Stubbs was spotted by an animal lover and taken to Woodland Hills vets clinic, to recover. He'll be released to a foster home, then put up for adoption.

"This cat is amazing. He just hasn't given up," said Joanna Patrice, spokeswoman for Cat/Canine Assistance, Referral and Education the organisation that's been looking after Stubbs.

Finally Caught

Stubbs as he was when finally caught.

The kitten chewed through his left front leg near the knee, and the right rear leg at the knee. He also bit off a toe on his right front leg, the LA Daily News reports.

George Grant, an animal surgeon who treated Stubbs, said the cat saved his own life.

Stubbs has now learned to trust humans again and allows them to stroke him and pick him up.

"Tough would be an even better name for this guy," Mr Grant said. "He's really hung in there."

"Care" a nonprofit organization, is picking up Stubbs' medical bill, but is asking for donations to cover the 5,600 vet's bill.

Contributions can be made through the organisation's website: Care4Pets.Org

Getting the love and attention he deserves.

Click here to make a donation using your credit card:

To make a donation by check, send to:

P.O. Box 56631
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA

Be sure to indicate that your donation is for Stubbs!

If you can't make a donation, please share this website with friends who may be able to spare a little something.

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