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Easter Egg

Easter Eggs Out Of Season

October 2009

By: Larry Lindley (CWI)

I stepped out my kitchen door and blinked in the bright sun, not sure that I was really seeing what I thought I saw in the back yard. There they were, about a dozen pastel coloured eggs scattered around in the grass. How did they get there? Maybe the neighbors were planning an Easter egg hunt in my back yard, but they hadn't asked me about it, and besides it was July. They're not getting away with that, I thought, and went back inside and got a basket, and began to lay the eggs in it.

When I picked up the first one, though, I realized that it wasn't a real egg at all. It was too heavy, and the shell was hard and smooth, almost like metallic but not quite. The rest were the same, and I gathered them all into the basket and brought the basket into the kitchen, setting it down on the kitchen table. I picked up a mint green one and tried to crack it open on the table, but it wouldn't crack. Then I got a hammer and beat away on it. I couldn't even make a dent.

I put the hammer down to think what to do next, when suddenly the egg began unscrewing itself. One half fell off and out hopped a tiny mint green creature, with large feet, a small round body and an angular head containing bulging eyes. The other eggs also began unscrewing and similar pastel coloured creatures jumped out of them, each matching the colour of their shell.

The first one looked at me and I looked back, so dumbfounded that I couldn't do anything else. As I sat there staring, a thought came to me, a thought which wasn't my own but felt strongly as though it radiated from the creature. "Earthling! Stop trying to destroy my space ship. You won't succeed anyway."

I still couldn't speak but thoughts formed in my mind, "What's going on? Is that you doing that? What are you, anyway?"

Its telepathic thoughts came back. "I am Nan. We are the Syxkx. I am the leader of a scout party from my planet. Our sun is about to go nova and we are looking for another planet to settle on."

I thought, "Well, maybe we don't want you settling on our planet. What are you going to do, try to kill us all? We may have our own ideas about that."

Nan responded, "Oh, we won't kill you. We will just live among you and make you our slaves. We will need someone to cater to our every need."

I was in the process of formulating some clever rejoinder to that when my calico cat, Alfred, apparently aware of the commotion, gracefully leapt up onto the table. He saw the Syxkx and immediately arched his back and hissed his best hiss. All the tiny Syxkx recoiled in fear, and Nan's bulging eyes bulged out even further. Just when I thought I was beyond further amazement, Alfred also began radiating thoughts, directed primarily at the aliens but understandable by me.

"What are you doing on our planet, Syxkx?"

Nan repeated what he had communicated to me, that their sun was about to nova, that they were looking for another planet to settle on, and that if they came here they would enslave us humans.

"You are too late," replied Alfred mentally. "We came to this planet and settled it ten thousand years ago. We like it here and are not going anywhere and are not about to share it with you Syxkx. You are right about one thing, though, these humans do make excellent slaves."

"Okay, cat, you made your point," thought back Nan. "We will cross this planet off and find another one."

The Syxkx all hopped back in their eggs, the eggs screwed themselves together, lifted into the air, circled around the kitchen once, and then flew in formation out though an open window.

Alfred looked up at me with his big green cat eyes. He didn't radiate any more thoughts, but just mewed his usual "feed me" mew.

I fed him.

Copyright 2009 - Larry Lindley

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