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Wabba Poo

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It seems like only yesterday,
When Tabitha came to stay.
We all fell in love with the black and white kitten,
Who's only thought was play.

She grew into the nicest lady,
You could ever want to meet.
A real lady to the core,
To know her was a treat.

All other cats showed due respect,
Even though she couldn't fight.
She didn't need to somehow,
They knew she had the right.

She always sensed when you were low,
Most cats would turn their nose and go.
Not Tabby, she really seemed to care,
About people and cats and dogs to be fair.

The day before she passed away,
We didn't have a clue.
She flew down the path like there's no tomorrow.
Perhaps she really knew.

They say the candle burns its brightest,
Just before it dies.
It seems it was that way with her,
No time for long goodbyes.

She showed she was glad that we were there,
when it was time for her to go.
And even though we love them all.
They'll be no other like her you know!

Copyright - Joy Jones  

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