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Tamsin and Jago - By Marion Carter


Tamsin was born on 7th May 1997. She is a fawn-silver Somali and looks as fragile as thistle-down, but is quite a tough little character underneath.

This cat is a terrible flirt! She will peer up at visitors with her head on one side or peep coyly at them from behind a door; then when they make a move towards her, she jumps in the air ( her famous "vertical take-off" manoeuvre ) and plays "chase me". If not pursued, she will come dancing back, flick her tail a few times for effect and then sit just out of reach uttering little chirrups of invitation.

Despite looking such a dainty and fragile creature, Tamsin also has a tendency to be a "wild child". In the spring and summer of 1999, she started disappearing for a few days at a time, gradually increasing her time away. What is it with these Somalis? This was exactly the same pattern of behaviour as Scarlett had developed ( see Shades of Scarlett). After she had been away for eleven (yes, eleven!) days I decided enough was enough, and so she has ended up accompanying Scarlett in the run during the day.

Jago as a Kitten

Now onto Jago. He was born 7th March 1998 and is a usual Somali. His registered name is Feorag Sole Survivor, because he was the only one of his litter to survive and he was born a week premature. However he thrived and turned into a very handsome (and demanding!) young man.

With Jago, everything has to be done the moment he wants it or else he breaks into heart-rending wails about how he is being neglected. One minute he is simply desperate to go out, the next he is simply desperate to come back in again. Then at feeding times he is simply starving and his wails reach fever pitch, but he has such a sweet way of looking up at you adoringly when you put his bowl down that you forgive him for bursting your eardrums. He is also a terrible thief. Nothing even vaguely edible is safe on a worktop when your back is turned. As you return to the kitchen you hear a soft thud as he jumps down, but the evidence is there... pawprints in the mousse, or toothmarks in the cheese. But at least he hasn't shown any signs so far of wanting to go feral - he enjoys his home comforts too much. Typical male, huh!

Marion Carter  

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