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The Goddess Remembers

January 2008

In sunlit lands, in hotter climes,
long long ago, in other times,
I ruled in temples rich with gold
snd Pharoahs came, and warriors bold,
with tribute and with gifts implore
that I should bless them with my paw.

My whiskers twitched: and in a trice
breast of duck, or honey'd mice,
the Nile's gift of silver fish
I deigned to eat from golden dish.
On swansdown soft I took my rest...
of all things good I had the best.

I died: and all in linen wrapped,
with Lapis rare my limbs were lapped.
My priestess mourned with shaven head
the passing of her honoured dead;
but shortly turned with joy to greet
the next kit fit for Bastet's seat.

For I am Cat - with each rebirth
I reaffirm my ties with Earth.
Though crumbled dust is Egypt's might,
and other empires strive and fight,
I still am Cat - and by Bast's Will
I am Divine, and worshipped still.

(Tasha was a beautiful Sorrel-silver Somali. She was with us for 13 years.)

Copyright: Terri Beckett

Author of: - Nettleflower with Chris Power at
Also with Chris: Tribute Trail & War Trail - reviews on:


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